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The Rising Popularity Of Metal Roofing

The Rising Popularity Of Metal Roofing


by Ned Dagostino

Metal happens to be the new kid on the block where roofing is concerned! It is the material of choice whether you\'re constructing your house and are putting up a new roof or whether you\'re tearing down the existing roof and replacing it with a new one. Metal roofing has so many advantages and no disadvantages that it is hard not to choose it for your roofing project. I\'ll elaborate on these advantages in the following paragraphs.

In the past metal roofing was frowned upon. Metal roofing then meant tin almost exclusively. Tin was low on durability compared to its cost. Today, \'metal roofing\' means \'a very light weight, high durability, and fire resistant material\'.

Metal roofing is very strong. It can withstand hurricane force winds. Heavy snowfall or hail storms will not put a dent into it. It is able to reflect a high percentage of the sun\'s heat that falls on it, making it keep cooler in summer.

You save big bucks on fire insurance if you roof your house with metal. This fact adds appreciably to the value of the house, a very good thing if you sell the house later on.

More good news for your wallet is on its way! The roof\'s supporting structure can be light since metal roofing is comparatively light. Because of this you can re-roof your house without taking down the existing one.

Installing a metal roof is very simple and straightforward. Metal roofing comes in the form of large-sized sheets. Use a hoist to get the sheets up to the roof level. Position them correctly. Fix them with metal screws or rivets, or bolt them down. Your biggest saving is in time and labor costs. There is just one small problem. How will you raise a single sheet to the roof if you ever need to replace a sheet? When you\'re dealing with a large number of sheets, getting a hoist or crane is economical. But for one sheet! You may also face a problem in matching the sheets if you have to replace old sheets or add new sheets.

But all these advantages come at a whopping price! If budget is a concern, you can shop around for discount bargains, which appear from time to time. Eventually the metal\'s long service life will negate its high cost.

There is no doubting the growing popularity of metal roofing. The biggest attraction in using metal roofing is its extremely high durability which may even outlast the house it covers!

About the Author: If you are replacing an existing roof or simply constructing a new one, the right roofing material is vital to do the job well. Visit Roofing-Information.com to find out more about what you\'ll need, and learn about other choices to put on top of your home. You\'ll discover why asphalt roofing shingles remain the most popular choice.


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