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Put a roof over your head
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Putting a Roof Over Your Head

Putting a Roof Over Your Head

A house is a roof over your head both literally and figuratively. Therefore you\'ve got to ensure that your roof is constructed properly - you can\'t tolerate any slipshod work over here, nor can you cut costs by cutting corners. This caveat holds true for the contractor if the building work was contracted out.


Let\'s take a look at the bill of materials.

Listing out the materials required for the job will give you a more or less accurate estimate of the enormity of the job. You\'ll have to plan to spend that much money and time on it. It is better to over-estimate by about 5% to 10%, depending on the price of the material and how frequently it is required. Short estimation does not only entail an extra trip to the supply store, but it means downtime. Your assistants will be earning pay for waiting. That\'s going to add significantly to budget overruns. When creating your estimate, consult a supplier. His experience will help you to fine tune your estimate. Online stores have a helpdesk, so consult them too. Forewarned is forearmed! The materials most commonly used for roofing the house are asphalt shingles, wood shingles, stone, and clay tiles. Newer materials like metal, plastic and composites are also used.

Will you be roofing over an existing roof? Check what material the old roof was made of. If the roof was made of asphalt shingles then you\'ll have to continue with the same. The old roof was designed to support asphalt and will most likely not be able to bear the weight of clay tiles or slate. There is an outside chance that the building may collapse if loaded with a burden it was not designed for.

As a rule, asphalt shingles do a fine job. They are long lasting and trouble free. The only negative we\'re looking at here, is their tendency to crack when subjected to extreme temperature variations.

Putting up a new roof gives you much more latitude in selecting the construction and material of the roof. You will need to design the structure very carefully; the integrity and longevity of the house depends on the structural design of the roof.

Every house owner aspires to an aesthetically pleasing house. Remember that structural considerations far outweigh appearance in the selection of roofing materials. Don\'t build a pretty Mediterranean villa in a harsh, cold climatic area, prone to blizzards and deep sub-zero temperatures! It\'s not going to be very pleasant spending New Year\'s Eve in a roofless house, because the pretty tiles have all been blown off by a blizzard straight from the North Pole!

Newer metal, plastic and composite materials are lightweight and structurally sound. These provide a viable alternative to traditional materials. Just check the pricing. Some of these newer materials can be used with traditional structuring; some may require updated construction techniques.

Whether you are renovating an old roof, or building a brand new roof, the key point to look out for is that the roofing material is of top quality. Using top quality material will result in durability and longevity. The roof will last for a great many years. If you use poor quality materials, the roof will start giving trouble often. Your reputation will take a beating if this happens. The roof protects not just the inmates of the house but the whole house as well. If the roof is weak and defective, the whole house will suffer in the same way. So it is important that you buy and use only the best quality materials available.

Asphalt roofing shingles are still the most familiar choice for home roofs, although wood and metal are growing in familiarity. Go to www.roofing-information.com to discover more about your roofing choices. Choosing the right roofing material can be the difference between a roof that lasts, and one that needs constant repair.


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