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The Advantages Of A Metal Roof

The Advantages Of A Metal Roof

Author: Ned Dagostino

Metal happens to be the new kid on the block where roofing is concerned! It is the material of choice whether you\'re constructing your house and are putting up a new roof or whether you\'re tearing down the existing roof and replacing it with a new one. Metal roofing has so many advantages and no disadvantages that it is hard not to choose it for your roofing project. I\'ll elaborate on these advantages in the following paragraphs.


The modern opinion of metal as a roofing material has changed from the past opinion. Previous metal roofing was entirely of tin which lacked durability. The metal roofing which is available now has a very long service life, is very light, and is almost flame-proof.

Metal roofing can withstand the worst storms Nature can throw against it. Metal roofing remains unperturbed by hurricanes, storms, and tornadoes. Snowfall, hailstorms, and pouring rain leave it unaffected. It is an eco-friendly roofing material in that it remains cooler in summer, saving cooling energy, as well as saving your cooling costs.

You save big bucks on fire insurance if you roof your house with metal. This fact adds appreciably to the value of the house, a very good thing if you sell the house later on.

Your construction cost drops considerably when you roof with metal. You don\'t need a very strong supporting structure to hold the roof up if it is made of metal. Even if you are re-roofing your house you save a tidy sum because you don\'t have to take down the existing roof. Just lay the fresh metal roofing material over the existing roof! It will hardly add to the load. I\'d like to point out that the savings are in terms of money and in time.

Installing a metal roof is very simple and straightforward. Metal roofing comes in the form of large-sized sheets. Use a hoist to get the sheets up to the roof level. Position them correctly. Fix them with metal screws or rivets, or bolt them down. Your biggest saving is in time and labor costs. There is just one small problem. How will you raise a single sheet to the roof if you ever need to replace a sheet? When you\'re dealing with a large number of sheets, getting a hoist or crane is economical. But for one sheet! You may also face a problem in matching the sheets if you have to replace old sheets or add new sheets.

In the race for popularity, high price is the only hurdle standing in the way of the run-away success of metal roofing! Discount sales happen from time to time. This is a good way to get metal roofing at a price that\'ll suit your pocket. High price notwithstanding, the huge savings you make when you use metal roofing is so attractive that cost-conscious homeowners are focusing on metal roofing and smiling all the way to the bank!

Metal roofing is still playing \'catch up\' with the traditional roofing stalwarts like asphalt shingles. But the many advantages and cost benefits of metal roofing is whittling down the difference, the biggest advantage being its durability.

If you are replacing an existing roof or simply constructing a new one, the proper roofing material is essential to do the job well. Go to www.Roofing-Information.com to find out more about what you\'ll need, and learn about other choices to put on your roof. You\'ll discover why asphalt roofing shingles remain the most popular choice.


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