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Solar Roof Panels Links

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Roofing Shingles Recommended Products

Choose between two types of electricity generators, solar-based or wind-based, depending on your home environment and environmental conditions.

You will get the step-by-step diagrams on how to create each of the systems with very little effort.

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Learn the 7 Reasons Why You Absolutely, positively NEED Your Own Home Made Energy!

Solar Roof Panels News

Chicago to make it faster, cheaper to add solar power

Chicago is getting a new, streamlined process for solar installations that policymakers hope will lead to more panels on more roofs. By Julie Wernau


Darden now has Florida's biggest privately owned solar array

Darden Restaurant corporate office finally made the decision in Orlando to cover the roof with solar panels.  The company realizes now the savings and the benefit of being such a large corporation involved in being environmentally friendly.